Carrying a business in this highly rigorous corporate world needs to plan with due care in respect of investment. Growth of business is majorly depends upon its way of investment and management policies. As there are various methods and steps of project reporting including feasibility study in respect of new venture of the clients. This gives an idea about the total investment needs; any form of risk involved, how to overcome the risks while implement project policies; time involved, human resources needs, technology needs and lots more while completing the new ventures.

If we consider the phases or steps involved under the project report and feasibility study then below are some of the points:

  • Reviewing the management policies of the project.
  • The management of the project team and coordinating work of its members, external experts and suppliers for the project.
  • Preparing and drafting of contractual documentation that used to overcome any of the legal issues and favoring legal support including coordination of legal services provided by any of the third parties;
  • Complying with the legal rules and regulation if needed; especially in case of relevant legislation under the respective jurisdiction and in the area of state funded organization.
  • Review of finance policies and control system including quality standard, refinement and modification processes, coordination with any other cell while implementation of the project policies.
  • Processing the subject of tendering and business conditions and elaboration of a short-term plan of action;
  • Produce regular reports and especially the quarterly monitoring reports on the progress of the project
  • Management of project administration
  • Providing professional and administrative continuity project
  • Leadership and management expert project teams in the implementation phase of the project
  • Ensuring communication with partners and collaborating organizations of the project;
  • Ensuring the final project report on completion.

Under this whole process of project report and feasibility study; M Al Ali Auditing - our expert team of business executives and corporate professional will guide you and assist in offering the best of project report services that will make your project with great success.

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