Deepika Chawla

<div> <p> The role of middle level managers has a very crucial role in the success of the organization. They play a vital role in managing and shaping company&rsquo;s vision and strategic outlook. They contain precious internal talent from where the top-level leadership will emerge. The jump from middle level managers is very crucial and most challenging.</p> </div> <p> Let&rsquo;s take a look on how managers powerful leadership programme look like?</p> <ul style="list-style-type:circle"> <li> Enfold Change</li> </ul> <p> Steer change is the new constant not only leaders have to be good at it but also, they need to learn to lead a successful transition. They also need to be prepared to unlock resistance and remove obstacles to change. Middle level managers must be prepared and must first access personal and organizational readiness to take on this challenge of deliberate and disruptive change.</p> <ul style="list-style-type:circle"> <li> Communication: Developing the ability to read verbal and non-verbal clues is very important. Understanding the importance of healthy conflicts and managing them is the art you learn by practicing.</li> <li> Approaching strategically- Making strategy is a mindset and is really spontaneous. We need to understand relationships between different parts of business model both present and future trend, identify assumptions and understand the bottom and top line and to create strategy accordingly.</li> <li> Leading modern workforce: As the middle level managers have proper exposure and experience in managing multi - generational differences, their understanding of the impact of modern workforce on business has become critical. They need to uncover the differences and incorporate communication strategies to adjust their styles and work efficiently.</li> <li> Managing stakeholders- Stakeholder management is very important at every level. Building and maintaining trust with internal and external stakeholders, reducing and uncovering risk through proper stakeholder management are some measures of success.</li> <li> Managing Team Performance- You need to be a fantastic people manager and that is at all not negotiable. Identify and bridge performance gap is a crucial matter and needs to be looked upon.</li> </ul> <p> &nbsp;</p> <p> So, we can conclude from the above that middle- management leadership must be arranged to provide participants with recognition and appreciation of their strengths to become leaders. It must implement the power to lead people, process and change for epidemic growth for themselves, their teams and the organization.</p>

LEADERSHIP: Necessity for the Business Growth

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