Deepika Chawla

<p>Happy Employees are productive employees and Employee satisfaction is crucial to have a motivated Workplace. We can take small steps which are likely to create a motivated work environment where there will be fewer work related conflicts, lesser absenteeism and more productivity.</p> <p>Here is how you can bring out the best in yourself and have a great time chasing the deadlines:</p> <ol> <li><strong>Focus on Growth</strong>: It is important to look onto the job as a journey. You enter a world where everything comes to you as you walk along the road. You face numerous falls, challenges, learning curves that contribute to success. In other words, you start your journey with lacking several qualities and along the way you become equipped with the knowledge that adds to your competency.</li> </ol> <p>So, a growth mindset is important in journey as an individual and as professional.</p> <ol> <li><strong>Clarity of Goals: </strong>It is important to have clear set goals when it comes to achieving targets. With specified short term as well as long term goals, employees can focus on the target and use their resources to attain them. The satisfaction after acquiring short term targets can boost the confidence for chasing the long-term vision goal.</li> <li><strong>Create A Culture of Ownership: </strong>Developing a sense of ownership is core to company&rsquo;s growth and success. It drives the team to challenge each other, take responsibility and push the limits of what we think is possible in order to deliver the best possible for the company.</li> <li><strong>Make a Difference</strong>: No matter what the work is, everything has a purpose. The best way to realize that purpose is to think from the consumer point of view. There is a need to realize how our work will affect and make a difference to the customer or our solutions can help them.</li> </ol> <p style="margin-left:36.0pt">You can either take your work as ordinary with no cost or value or on the contrary as something that makes a difference to the client and are helpful to them.</p> <ol> <li><strong>Find A Motive: </strong>Our emotion has an influence on our point of view. If we are going through an emotional disturbance it will surely hamper our work. There are times when we let our emotions dictate our moves which misleads to unfavourable outcomes. Therefore, it is necessary to find a motive that keeps us engaged. It could be in form of initiating new projects, trying out efficient ways of problem-solving.</li> <li><strong>Take Appropriate Breaks:</strong> One of the reasons of disengagement is when employees don&rsquo;t get enough rest it starts effecting their productivity. Employees who have over- worked themselves, fail to deliver quality wok and this leads to discontentment. Eventually these all factors lead to diminish employee&rsquo;s enthusiasm and commitment.</li> </ol> <p>Over the years, Organizations have recognized the correlation between happiness and productivity. The main idea behind this is to empower the workforce in achieving the professional and personal goals. This helps them attain the much-required work- life balance.</p>

6 ways to Increase Employee Satisfaction and create a Healthy Workplace

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